Bring jobs back

The most important thing we can do to have the best economy as possible is to bring the jobs back to the United States. Why did they leave? Free trade.

Nothing is free, and be suspicious of any politician who offers you free anything. There is always a cost. Somebody else is paying for it.

You can always make something cheaper somewhere in the world, and as soon as trade became free, companies began leaving our country. Our government lost a lot of income, so it then raised taxes on the companies that remained, which caused more of them to leave. 

Right now almost 40% of our able-bodied work force is not working. And you are supporting them, because they have given up looking for work. So you save a few dollars on something made in Guatemala, but you’re paying twice that in higher taxes and a devalued dollar because of our overall debt.

When Toyota first came into the US market, it was more expensive than American cars. And nobody cared. Toyota took it as a matter of pride. They wouldn’t even negotiate the price. People flocked to Toyota, because they though they were getting a better car. 

Transitioning back to taxing imports is no longer an agreed upon national policy. And without a national consensus, companies don’t want to invest billions of dollars to move their plants only to have the policy change in a few years. 

But bringing the jobs back is priority number one, and I will fight until it happens. 


Fight Corruption

Politicians are so corrupt in the public’s eye that to speak of a corrupt politician is to be redundant. 

Why is that? Do only corrupt people go into politics, or is there something corrupting about politics? 

Certainly politics are attractive for corrupt people, because so many politicians become very rich while they are in politics. And the reasons they become rich are part of the corrupting influences. 

There are two main reasons for corruption in politics: The first is that politicians spend enormous amounts of money. Some of that goes to individuals, which they soon see as prospective voters for them. And much of it goes to companies and organizations who come to depend on huge government contracts for their businesses. They are extremely grateful for that business and are strongly motivated to keep that business. And somewhere along the way the politicians get rich.

The second reason is that the politicians make the rules for themselves. Where else in life does that happen? 

Look at a map of the Congressional District I am running in. It creeps down the wealthy lake front of Chicago, includes all of Wilmette and Evanston and then skips s few suburbs in between before picking up Arlington Heights. If that isn’t a prime example of gerrymandering to fix an election, I don’t know what is. 

Somebody needs to sue Mike Madigan and John Cullerton for practically forcing their choice of candidate on the Ninth District. It looks like it will have to be me. This will be my first act in representing the people of the Ninth Congressional District, and I won’t even wait to see if I am elected. 

So how do you draw fair Congressional Districts? There is only one rule you need. The people drawing the maps should have no information on the demographics of the people. Any demographic information, whether age, race, religion, education level, employment status, can provide clues for how they would vote in certain matters, and map drawers can draw maps to favor or disfavor any policy or party they want. And that’s simply wrong.

All they need and should know is how many people live where. They should also know where the natural boundaries are, like city limits, county lines, rivers, lakes, and major highway, but they would most likely follow that if they didn’t know the demographics. 

We limit the terms of office for the President of the United States but not other political leaders. Why? Because Congress makes laws for itself, and it’s easy to make laws for other people. If it weren’t for gerrymandering, we wouldn’t need term limits for Congress. I’m not sure if Congress can make a national law regarding gerrymandering. But again, they would be making a law for themselves, which they are loathe to do, unless it is a pay raise or an exemption from some law they just passed.


Rebuild Infrastructure

We need to rebuild our streets, highways and bridges, upgrade our railroads and our traffic control. This should be easy, because Congress loves to spend money; and Congressmen in particular love to spend money in their own district. It shows that they are taking care of their constituents.

The problem is that the federal government is trillions of dollars in debt. We have to borrow money from other countries to pay our bills. I find that embarrassing, and I personally am ashamed to ask another country for billions of dollars so that we can cover our spending.

When we borrow that much money, we spend billions of dollars a year just in interest on that debt. That is like burning money. I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to waste your money. I will insist that we start cutting spending. Democrats oppose any and all spending cuts, except for the military. Be sure to ask them why they want to borrow so much money and pay billions of dollars on interest.

I think the best way for the federal government to help our country rebuild our infrastructure is to match a state or local’s contribution. If the federal government pays for the whole cost, we will have far more projects than we could possibly pay for. The local governments know best what they need, and they should pay toward it.


Strong Military

I believe we need a satellite laser defense system, protecting our nation from intercontinental ballistic missiles. Recently North Korea tested a missile that experts believed was capable of reaching the United States mainland. Nobody even asked whether it could actually hit a target, but the public was alarmed at the very idea. We need to capitalize on our technological strengths and make sure that this threat can never be realized.


Energy Independence

The trend everywhere today is globalization, which essentially makes everybody dependent on everyone else. The problem is that other people don’t look after your own interests like you do. The role of government is to look out for the interests of the American people first. We have the resources to be energy independent, and it makes no sense to buy energy from other countries, especially when we can’t be sure that that same money won’t be used to further activities that are not in our best interest.


Social Security

When Social Security was first started, the life expectancy was around 65 years of age. Now we live far longer, and we still start paying our Social Security benefits at the same age. We also used to have about 8 workers paying into the system for every person receiving benefits. Now there are less than 2. 

Somebody needs to be honest with the American people. There is no trust fund. The money has all been spent, and Social Security is paid for through the general revenues like everything else. 

We need to raise the age of those who receive benefits for the first time, and we need to screen disability applications more thoroughly. We have far more people on disability than should be. Government programs are too easily taken advantage of. 


Control Spending

You will often hear talk about the need for a balanced budget for the federal government. The problem is that if you insist on that, you may well end up with a tax hike to do it. We need to cut spending. Democrats refuse to cut spending. They don’t care is we spend billions of dollars on interest. They don’t care if other countries someday refuse to buy our debt and how that will affect our economy. They don’t care if we lose our world reserve currency status due to out-of-control spending. 

Democrats believe that government spending boosts the economy. Actually it hurts it. In ordinary matters, people spend money on things they want and need. Paying for government takes money out of their pockets and puts it into the pockets of government employees or other people who are not working. So the whole chain begins with people working in the private sector who support the government and the unemployed. The less government and less unemployed, then more people get to keep more of their own money and spend it on what they want. So we need to shrink government to improve the economy.



Yes, we are a nation of immigrants. In the past, we always had expectations of those we accepted: They had to be literate, moral, healthy, and not likely to need government assistance, among other things. We seem to have thrown all that aside in our efforts to bring as many immigrants to our country as possible. You’re going to have to ask a Democrat why. 

There is, however, at least one issue about immigration that we must insist upon. However people come into our country, legally or illegally, the next generation, at least, will become voters. If we do not teach our future voters what it is that made/makes the United States unique among the nations, we will gradually lose that uniqueness, and we will just become like a blending of all the nations. 

Our Founders did not fight the War for Independence to just establish another nation just like all the other nations. They wanted to create a unique nation with freedoms and rights unknown in the world at that time, and even today.

Our Founders believed that we are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights, rights that precede and supersede government. These beliefs are based on the Bible. No other religion teaches this. Christianity is at the foundation of who we are as a nation. Democrats do not believe we should teach this to our children or our immigrants. They think it is culturally insensitive, but beliefs matter and beliefs have consequences. But if that made us what we are, how can we stay what we are if we don’t teach it to our next generations? We will just become like an ordinary nation if we don’t.

When immigrants are of other religions, we know immediately if their belief system denies the beliefs of our Founders as to the source of our rights. Should we expect them to vote contrary to their beliefs because they now live in our country? Probably not, but it is not in either our or their best interest if we don’t tell them the foundations on which our country is built as early as possible, ideally before they even come here. I don’t understand why we would even want to encourage people to come here if we know their core beliefs disagree with the founding beliefs of our country. You will have to ask a Democrat why they want to do that. At best if will divide our country; at worst it will change our country at its very core to something totally unlike our founding.

We must ensure that only citizens vote in our elections, and our citizenship classes must teach about the source of our rights, that they come from God, God as taught in the Bible. We also need to be sure that our children learn these same lessons in school as well, or they too will think that our rights come from the government or the consensus of the people. Either way we will lose our rights over time.

As for the children who were brought here by parents who were illegal immigrants, they should not be penalized for their parents’ crime. But as long as illegal immigration is easy, we will be facing this same problem over and over again. 

Illegal immigration must be stopped, and for the simple reasons that a nation has the responsibility to know just who it is who is coming into our country to live and later to vote. We have diseases that had been eradicated in our country that are now reappearing. We need a wall along our southern border to funnel everyone to a limited number of checkpoints where their health can be checked, and so that we can know who they are.