John is a fighter and will fight for you. Together we can get things done. Below are important policies to John that he will fight for and stand with.


The Opioid Crisis

"In the year 2016, there were 2,278 deaths caused by drug overdose in our state of Illinois. Of these deaths, 1,826 deaths were found to be opioid-related which is over 80 percent of the deaths. Compared to the year 2013, opioid-related deaths have jumped a significant amount of over 70 percent. When looking at 2015, there were 1,382 opioid-related deaths and then 2016 increased in deaths by 32.1 percent. We have to put an end to this. I worked with teens struggling with drug addictions and it is not an easy thing to overcome, but it can be done. We need to start by intercepting this distribution of illicit fentanyl and show everyone how much of a deadly game drugs really are."


Healthcare & the ACA

"I would work to create a healthcare system that lowers cost and provides better care. Our healthcare insurance system needs innovation and work. Individuals and families should be able to buy the plan that fits them. We should be able to lower cost through healthy competition, ie. pools, cross State lines, etc. I like Amazon, Chase and Buffett getting together to create an all new healthcare coverage plan for their employees. The ACA didn’t solve the problem. Government should be there to help those who cannot afford healthcare. We should explore providing local community clinics that would help with general care for everyday family/individual issues."



"As a nation, we need to decide what we want our immigration laws to look like. Then we need to learn to live with them and enforce them. Asylum applications need to originate from one's home country. Just showing up at the border creates crisis for everyone involved."


The Economy & Jobs

"We need to bring back jobs to the USA and specifically to Chicagoland region. Our economy grows when our jobs are flourishing. When I graduated from high school in 1980 you could get a job at Caterpillar for twenty-two dollars an hour. Today, twenty-two dollars an hour would be considered good pay for someone getting out of high school or college. We need to put a new face on Chicago by bringing good jobs here like Amazon's second headquarters. For business to come here, unnecessary regulation needs to be cut. Our infrastructure needs to be rebuilt (rebuilding our roads, highways, bridges, upgrading our railroads, and air traffic control). If we want people to move into our state and not out of it, then we need to lower taxes. Federal, state, and property tax are way too high. For Chicago, we need to change to a city that works and not a corrupt, crime ridden city."


Security & Defense

"It is important for our nation to be safe. A satellite laser defense system that covers our nation from intercontinental ballistic missiles could be what we need. The United States needs to get back to being a place that people look to for guidance."


Budgets & Spending

"I believe in a balanced budget. We need to live within our means. Our national debt is well above $20 trillion. Our government spending has to stop now, but we still have to prioritize what we need to spend on. The government has enough tax intake. It's not a tax problem, it's a spending problem."