Healthcare & the ACA

I would work to create a healthcare system that lowers cost and provides better care. Individuals and families should be able to buy the insurance they want and not what the government tells them they have to buy. The easiest way to lower costs is to create groups for people to buy insurance rather than individual policies. And there is no reason why insurance companies cannot sell across state lines. It can make it harder for them, but we shouldn’t make that decision for them.

I like Amazon, Chase and Buffett getting together to create an all new healthcare coverage plan for their employees. The Affordable Care Act created more problems than it solved. You can’t expect Congress to run a business that it knows nothing about. 

As for those without insurance, there is a temptation to expect the government to pay for their medical care. That horse has long left the barn. Our federal government owes so much money that we spend around a half trillion dollars ($500,000,000) a year just to pay interest on that borrowed money. That is totally wasted money. 

This is not the kind of debt that can be paid down through simply raising taxes on the rich. We need to seriously cut our spending. The problem is there is probably not one single Democrat in Congress who believes in cutting spending. Except for the military, which is one of the few things the Constitution says the federal government should be doing.

The best thing the government can do is to encourage the medical community to help by allowing medical personnel and providers tax credits for pro bono work, as if they had made a charitable contribution in cash.. Our country used to rely on the care and involvement of our neighbors to deal with social problems. The government assumed that role, and we simply just can’t afford it.

We should also explore providing local community clinics that would help with general care for everyday family/individual issues.



There is a serious problem with immigration that nobody is talking about.

The United States was founded as a unique nation in history. We believe(d) in human rights that precede and supersede government. That means that the government cannot take them away or even curtail them.

And how did this come to be? The Declaration of Independence says that we are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights.

So the questions come: how did they know this and what God were they talking about?

Simple answer. Our Founders believed in God as taught in the Bible.

We no longer teach this to our children and our immigrants. Democrats, who are forever politically correct, find this idea culturally insensitive. All cultures have equal validity. Except that there is no nation on the face of the earth with our level of rights.
As our children grow up and the next generation of immigrants begin voting, they will believe that our rights come from the government or the consensus of the people. Over time we will lose our rights and become simply a melting pot of all the nations rather than the country that fought a war in order to establish this country. Again, there is probably no Democrat in Congress who believes in our nation’s uniqueness and why it is unique.

It’s hard to teach people when we don’t even know who they are. We need a wall. Not to keep people out, but to funnel them to particular ports of entry. A wall will allow us to consolidate our border resources to fewer places and thus we will be able to process immigrants at a much faster pace.

But we have to have a national discussion about human rights and the founding of our country.


The Economy & Jobs

After World War 2, the United States experienced decades of a thriving economy. We made all of our stuff here, and good, high-paying jobs were plentiful. You could always buy foreign products, but they were true foreign products, like French wine and Swiss chocolate. And nobody complained. They were happy to pay more for what they considered a unique treat.

This essentially ended in the 1990s with free trade. You can always make something cheaper somewhere in the world, and so our companies left our country. Now we tout free trade, because the purchasing power of Americans has diminished so much, they are happy to save $10 on an appliance.

Taxes on imports at one time almost paid for our entire federal budget. We didn’t even have an income tax until 1913.

When we lose jobs, we lose the tax revenue of the workers, and we end up paying them for not working. So bringing the jobs back is the number one priority for a thriving economy.

The problem is that our nation needs to have a consensus here, so businesses know what is going to happen in the future. They’re not going to invest billions of dollars in moving their jobs without the assurance that it will stay this way for a long time.


Security & Defense

Security is one of the few things that our Constitution explicitly says is a role of the federal government. This is the one area where Democrats are willing to cut the budget. You have to ask why. Is there wasteful spending in the military? Of course, this is the government we are talking about. 

But defense and security is one area you don’t want to scrimp on. Dangers to our country can come from anywhere in the world, and we cannot predict where the next threat will be. from.

More explicitly, I favor a satellite laser defense system the covers our nation from intercontinental ballistic missiles.


Budgets & Spending

Democrats view an increase in tax revenues as an opportunity to spend more money. They have no interest in balancing the budget. Actually, they do. They are more than happy to increase taxes to match spending if need be, but they will find any opportunity to increase spending, regardless of how much money they have to borrow to do it.

We waste half a trillion dollars a year on interest alone for that debt. That is money that is just wasted. It makes everything we spend it on more expensive. 

That’s morally and criminally irresponsible. We cannot pay down our debt simply by raising taxes on the rich. There’s not enough money to be raised, and any added revenue will only give Democrats the license to spend it.

We need to have a national discussion on what kinds of things we expect our federal government to be involved with. It’s simply trying to do too much. And all this debt is the primary cause of inflation, as the government keeps printing money that has less value by the day.
A satellite laser defense system that covers our nation from intercontinental ballistic missiles could be what A satellite laser defense system that covers our nation from intercontinental ballistic missiles could be what we need.